ReWi Visions

ReWi Visions “Resource Wise Visions”

This is a joined project with 4H association of Jyväskylä region. The project idea is based on the themes local youth set as their major concerns about the future. Main themes are circular economy (solutions against climate change), entrepreneurship (working skills in the future) and youth exchange (sharing knowledge).

Project funding comes from LAG JyväsRiihi ry and Erasmus+ funding is applied for the youth exchange.

The main objectives

  • To share best practices and to explore how partners and other parties engage with rural communities to develop and promote sustainable way of living experiences, based on the local circular economy and youth entrepreneurship.
  • To share knowledge on how young entrepreneurs, circular economy enterprises and educators in other countries work in partnership with local communities and organisations through networks to promote sustainable way of living.
  • To examine how other countries package and promote initiatives that relate to circular economy living and pass on the knowledge to relevant local partners.
  • To encourage young people living in local communities to identify and develop new and innovative circular economy solutions, practices and business ideas.

We are working together with Muurame High school and LAG JyväsRiihi (Finland), Pembrokeshire College and LAG Arwain Sir Pemfro (Wales)

Interested? Learn more:

JAPA ry (Sustainable development office)
Anna Sarkkinen
Jyväskylä, Finland

4H Jvässeutu (4H association of Jyväskylä region)
Pia Kautto