Cargo bike borrowing shop

The Cargo bike borrowing shop has closed for the winter 2022-2023. See you in the spring again!

Cargo bike borrowing shop in a nutshell

From the borrowing shop, anyone can borrow a cargo bike for one week, free of charge. There are ten options to choose from to fit your transportation needs: one electric box tricycle, two electric box bicycles, two electric basic bicycles, one tandem, one rickshaw, one event bike, and two bike trailers. In order to borrow a bike, you must be over 18 years old and prove your identity with a valid photo ID.

Cargo bike borrowing shop operates in Matara building in Tourula, Jyväskylä (Matarankatu 6 A 1). The borrowing shop is a part of the local sustainable development office JAPA ry’s project, and it gets its funding from the Finnish Transport Agency‘s subsidy. The borrowing shop is implemented in association with Matara.

Guide for the borrower

Which bike would you like to borrow? Pictures and descriptions of bikes can be found here. If you would like to get more information on which bike suits your needs best, call 045 320 6540 / JAPA ry or send an email to toimisto @

When would you like to borrow the bike? Check the availability of the bikes from the reservation timetable. The bikes can be borrowed for one week starting on monday. On the starting date of your reservation the bike is available from 2 pm onwards. On the last date it should be returned by 12.

Reserve the bike by calling 0400 274 209 / Matara lobby services (see Matara service hours).

Get acquainted with the shop’s rules and guidelines on what can be transported with the bikes. Remember to take your ID and a helmet with you when you pick up the bike! Please return the bike with its battery fully charged, if possible.

With a cargo bike even a heavy load or children can be transported easily. There are different kinds of cargo bikes to fit your transportation needs. A box bike is equipped with a transport box that fits two kids or even a large amount of goods conveniently. A transport bike looks like a regular bike, but it’s built to carry even a heavy load, and with different kinds of child seats it can fit also several children.

The aim of Cargo bike borrowing shop is to make cargo bikes available and familiar to everyone. How about taking the kids to daycare or going to the grocery store with a box bike instead of a car? Or if you don’t even have a car, a cargo bike can come in handy if you have to transport heavy items from one place to another.

Jyväskylä is a city with numerous hills, and an electric bike makes it easier to beat those uphills. An electric bike is not a moped: the electric assist works only when you pedal, and the electric engine switches off automatically when the bike reaches the speed of 25 km/h. In other words, an electric bike is just a normal bike that is lighter to pedal. Depending on the cyclist’s weight, the weight of the cargo and the cycling conditions, the battery’s range is 30-60 km. The battery can be detached from the bike and charged inside similarly to a cell phone.

Further information:

Cargo Bike Borrowing Shop / JAPA ry, 045 320 6540 or email toimisto (at)

Matara lobby services, 0400 274 209